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IMCAT's Best Practices
for Local Adoption

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IMCAT's Lunchtime Learning Webcast 5/19/17


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IMCAT Legislative Counsel Colby Nichols discusses the progress of the 85th Legislature as Texas lawmakers enter the homestretch...maybe.

PLEASE NOTE: Phone numbers mentioned in the webcast were only active for questions during the LIVE broadcast.

Brought to you by IMCAT with support from Follett.


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House Bill 1295 has changed purchasing.
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New Allotment Amounts are Available
The technology and instructional materials allotment amounts for the 2018–2019 biennium can be found at More information about the technology and instructional materials allotment can be found at

Large-print AIM for Proclamation 2017
The large-print titles for Proclamation 2017 are now available to order in EMAT. We anticipate the Proclamation 2017 audio titles will be available to order within the next two weeks. Please contact Debbie Gonzales at or Lea Ann Lee with questions pertaining to accessible instructional materials.

New Opening Page in EMAT
EMAT has a new opening page informing districts about open-source materials. Beginning with the 2017–18 school year, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will provide free open-source instructional materials that meet 100% of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics. Additionally, TEA will provide free instructional materials that meet 100% of the required College Board standards in Advanced Placement (AP) Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, and AP Biology. The new opening page is intended to provide awareness of these and other cost-saving options. Additional information about the available open-source instructional materials can be found at

Study Edge Open-Source Instructional Materials
Study Edge (University of Florida) open-source instructional materials are available on the Texas Gateway. Materials are available for Chemistry, Physics, Precalculus, and Statistics. The products created by Study Edge are delivered in short videos with master teachers presenting the material. The videos can be used to teach an entire course or as supplemental material to help students be more successful in these challenging courses. Study Edge open-source instructional materials will be fully available in September, but to see the sections of these materials that are available now, visit For more information about open-source materials available through TEA, visit Open-Source Instructional Materials. For assistance in locating sample materials, contact

Changes to IM Allotment Disbursement Requests
To make the instructional materials allotment disbursement requests more user-friendly and precise, some changes have been made within EMAT. The supplemental materials category has changed to instructional materials. The category will change in all disbursement requests, even the completed requests, from supplemental materials to instructional materials. The bilingual materials category has been deleted, so all instructional materials will be placed in the instructional materials category. Disbursement requests already in progress, submitted, or complete will still have the bilingual materials category if it was previously selected and saved. The subject area social studies and history has been changed to social studies. The number of media formats has been reduced. If you have questions about the changes made to the instructional material disbursement request process, please contact the IM Division at

IM Website Updates
A new training video on submitting a component requisition has been added to the EMAT training section on the TEA website. The following documents have been updated on the Instructional Materials Ordering Information page: Multiple List Codes for School Year 2017–18 Newly Adopted Instructional Materials Publisher & Depository Contact Information Shipment Error Report, TEX-013 The updates can be found at

Newly Approved TEKS
The State Board of Education (SBOE) approved new English and Spanish language arts and reading curriculum standards for kindergarten through 8th grade at a special board meeting in May. The revised TEKS will be implemented in the 2019–20 school year. The SBOE approved new English language arts and reading and English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) curriculum standards for high school at the June board meeting. The revised high school TEKS will be implemented in the 2020–21 school year.

Newly Approved Adoption Cycle
The SBOE approved a new adoption cycle for foundation and enrichment subjects. The revised document can be found at


The Texas Education Agency on June 5 notified schools of important changes to the way instructional materials are ordered and paid for. On June 8, TEA elaborated. One key point: Use of IMA funds is not permissible for conferences EXCEPT FOR IMCAT conferences and training. Click here for more information.

Newly elected IMCAT Board members are, from left, Tony Black (Whitehouse ISD), President-Elect; Jeff Funderburgh (Birdville ISD); Frank Hernandez, III (United ISD), Susan Lenox (Plano ISD); Amy Melching (Georgetown ISD); Kelley Mosley (Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD); Greg Wright (Leander ISD); Derral Shelton (Splendora ISD), Alternate; and Misty Fisher (Duncanville ISD), Secretary.

For more photos and conference handouts, click to IMCAT's Conference App at

Other Presentations:

Colby Nichols: 85th Legislature Preview

SBOE Member-Elect Keven Ellis: SBOE Legislative Goals

IMCAT Statement on the Effects of HB 1474

TEA Issues Letter to the Administrator Addressed Concerning HB 1474 and the Recent IMA