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Latest Adoption Cycle
The SBOE approved a new adoption cycle for foundation and enrichment subjects. The revised document can be found at THIS LINK


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Apply for Russell Owen Scholarship
to IMCAT's Annual Conference; Deadline Oct. 1

Instructional materials coordinators who have never attended an IMCAT conference can apply for the Russell Owen Memorial Scholarship for free registration to the conference... and more. Deadline for application is Oct. 1, 2019. The IMCAT Board will consider applications at its November meeting.


At least one recipient from the Texas instructional materials community will be eligible for a scholarship award to IMCAT’s 28th Annual Conference, Dec. 8-11 at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Frisco.

The scholarship covers conference registration, conference meals, three-nights hotel accommodations and up to $100 reimbursement for approved travel expenses.

To be considered for the scholarship and applicant must:

• be the instructional materials coordinator or directly involved in acquisition of instructional materials,
• declare intent to attend the entire IMCAT conference in November,
• have never attended an IMCAT conference before and wish to continue professional development, and
provide a letter from a superintendent or director as to why applicant is being nominated to attend conference.

The scholarship honors instructional material coordinators who plan to pursue professional development and commemorates the achievements of an individual whose passion was public education and the students he served.

Russell Owen, a founder of IMCAT, served more than 30 years as an administrator for the Dallas Independent School District. His dedication to his students and his loyalty to IMCAT serve as an example to his colleagues to-day and to those who will follow in his footsteps.


IMCAT 28th Annual Conference
Dec. 8-11, Embassy Suites Hotel, Frisco

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Attendee registration will open in mid-August.

Images from the

Nov. 11-14, Moody Gardens Hotel & Convention Center, Galveston

IMCAT Pres. Tony Black thanks House Public Education Committee Chairman Dan Huberty after his Nov. 13 presentation to the IMCAT Conference.